About eNet

Automated Services Network Co. (eNet) is Kuwait's only dedicated payment solution specialist, providing revenue collection system and consolidating payments for public and private sector organizations to make bill payments easier for everyone.

Incorporated in 2005 as a Kuwaiti shareholding company with a capital of KD 1.26 Million. eNet utilizes state of the art communication technology like Fiber optics and high availability Infrastructure, linked to Banks, KNet (Kuwait debit cards network) and Merchants through private secured network.

Enet Comapny Save your money and effort Because it is a link between the consumer and the merchant.

eNet focuses on providing Bill payment solutions, to assist the Merchants and the users alike to settle their payment via a user friendly, proven technology through Self Services Kiosks.

Web Site


eNet client can pay his bills using our website which contains all pay services with the telecom companies we deal with , Recenlty we added a new service called Corporate multiple payment which the client can pay his bills for all telecom companeis in just one operation and one click.

Kiosk Servise

There are over 100 outlets using eNet payment collection system. These include self service payment Kiosks with retail Agents available in many locations to help public and to handle cash payments. Other pay points are available in selected telecom dealers and convenience stores.

Client Portfolio

eNet client base has grown tremendously in the last year and now it includes more than 25 clients that includes Kuwait's major telecommunications companies, internet service providers, financing companies, TV cable companies, prepaid cards and charities.