Kiosk Services

Kiosks are deployed across Kuwait in vantage points like Shopping Malls, Coop's, Merchant facilities, Airport, etc. so as to provide the public with a convenient, 24/7, cash or Electronic payment service.

Our Services
  • Pay your phone bills.
  • Recharge using prepaid cards.
  • Pay your installments
  • Buy internet and games cards.
  • Buy international telephone cards.
  • Recharge international telephone cards.
  • Pay to charitable donations
  • Renew or subscribe in television cables.
  • Publish your advetisment in the biggest Ads newspapers in kuwait.
  • (New Service)

The user will have access to his Account from E.Net Merchants, and would pay through ATM like system using Debit / Credit cards or Cash. Both Merchants and Users can benefit from high availability of a large number of service points that provide round the clock, which would improve both Merchants collection.

The KIOSK will provide users with an Anytime Anywhere service to pay their Bills or purchase services.