Terms of Use


  • By inserting the Card and PIN, the user accepts and authorizes eNet and the Client to debit his account for the amount to be paid. The user shall hold eNet and the Client harmless of the consequences resulting from the misuse of the card

  • The user shall be responsible for any errors resulting from his wrong amount entry.

  • The user shall retain the printed receipt as evidence of payment in case of any subsequent claims.

  • A valid claim shall be processed in not less than 15 working days from the date of submission, provided it was a valid claim

  • The User acknowledges that he is aware of all charges that might be levied by banks and that will be debited from his account as a result thereof, and confirms acceptance of same

  • The User undertakes to maintain in his accounts with the Bank sufficient funds enough to cover all withdrawals and transactions to be made by means of using the card and its PIN through Kiosks or point of Service ("POSs");

  • The Service provider shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of a technical error or breakdown in the Point of service or the refusal of the card from any such machines, or the Service Providers. In the event the Service Providers agree to make a refund to the User, the Service Provider shall credit User account with the amount upon receiving written instructions from Client to this effect, and the Service Provider shall not be responsible for any delays in receiving such instructions.

  • The User may use his card and its PIN at Point of service for the purchase of goods and Bill payment services, and his payments is guaranteed and can not be stopped, when he uses this services.

  • The User may use the card to receive services announced by the Service Provider from time to time against payment of the fees and commissions determined by the Bank; and the Service Provider shall have the right to cancel or amend such services, fees, and commissions.