Welcome to eNet! When you decide to sign up to use our payment services, it means that you approved to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of eNet Services. Therefore, kindly read the following terms and conditions thoroughly to understand your legal rights.


eNet : Automated Services Network Company

Customer (You): The person or party that is utilizing eNet payment services.

Service: It is any service (services) – including but not limited to and provided by eNet directly to its Customers.

Fees: It is amount of money charged by eNet on some of its services and and you will find it listed in the service before clicking to use the service.

The aforementioned definitions shall constitute an integral part of your acknowledgment to use eNet services. The following articles shall form the provisions of your acceptance to use eNet services in addition to any program, content or device related thereto.

1. Services of eNet:

Automated Services Network Co. (eNet) is Kuwait's largest dedicated payment solution specialist, providing revenue collection system and consolidating payments for public and private sector organizations making bill and installment payments easier for everyone.

eNet focuses on providing payment solutions to assist merchants and the users alike, to settle their payments via a user friendly, proven technology through Self Service Kiosks, Websites, POS, and Smart Phone applications (iPhone – Android)

However, eNet does not provide its services everywhere in the State of Kuwait. As well as, eNet shall not be held liable for any problem, delay, failure or interruption occurring in the network at any time whatsoever regardless of the type of the service. eNet shall not be obliged to pay any indemnification for any loss as a result thereof. As well as, eNet shall not be held liable for any error or failure of any part of the Customer’s device.

2. Using eNet Services and Devices:

The Customer agrees to use the service of eNet on its own liability. The Customer shall not be entitled to use or try to use or delegate others to use the service or devices provided by eNet in any way which may lead to the following:

Violating the law and/or conditions and provisions of eNet.

Violating the copyrights or other intellectual rights.

Accessing or trying to access computer systems, networks or any other information resource illegally or without the approval of the owner of the information or resources.

3. Eligibility:

Not all Customers enjoy the capacity to receive the service due to the credit history or payments record at eNet or any other reason whatsoever without prejudice to the content of the present article . :

4. Termination [by Customer]

Once the Customer subscribes at the service, he/she shall be entitled to ask for the termination of the service.

5. Termination : [by eNet]

eNet shall be entitled to terminate the service in one of the following cases:

In case eNet finds that the customer information are incomplete or wrong or fraudulent.

In case the Customer used equipment interfering with eNet network or not found to be in conformity with Kuwait law and international standards.

In case the Customer violates any of the conditions and provisions present here.

In case of force majeure or national crisis or state of emergency or issuance of a resolution made by the competent authorities binding eNet to suspend its services.

eNet reserves the right to take any of the following procedures:

Immediate termination of the service without the need for a warning.

Temporary suspension of the service or the account of the Customer.

Collection of all due sums and fees from the Customer or third parties when necessary.

Recovery of the costs afforded by eNet due to the misuse of its network.

6. Services and Transferability to Others:

The Parties of the present agreement mutually agreed that the Customer does not own the service listed whereas he/she shall only be allowed to use it by eNet in accordance with the laws enforced in the State of Kuwait.

The Customer shall not be entitled to transfer his/her service to another person.

7. Personal Information and Data:

The personal information and data required are deemed as necessary in order to provide the Customer with the service. eNet will save and use the aforementioned information and data to prepare the service and send the receipts as well as to respond to the inquiries or available services. Customer found the information included therein provided by the latter to the Company correct, accurate and complete. The Customer undertakes to inform eNet of any changes of the aforementioned information without any liability on behalf of the latter.

eNet undertakes to protect the personal information of the Customer. As well as, eNet shall only collect, use or publish any personal information about the Customer following the approval of the latter and in accordance with the laws enforced in the State of Kuwait.

8. Personal Identification Service:

The Personal Identification Service is available through the mobile phone whereas the Customer selects a secret wallet code composed of four numbers in accordance with the procedures of the Company.

9. Liability:

The Customer shall keep the wallet code and his/her password confidential and avoid disclosing it before others in any case whatsoever whereas eNet shall not be held liable for any operations or transactions made by others.

The Customer shall be held liable for using eNet services in person or by others.

10. Amendments:

eNet reserves the right to change or amend any service provisions from time to time when necessary. Any change or amendment shall be binding to the Client when published or announced by different media means or company’s websites.

11. Objections and Complaints

The Customer shall be entitled to present a complaint regarding the service by submitting a written request or through using our Contact Us form or by calling our Customer Service Center on (+965) 22474620/1/2/3

12. Force Majeure and Out of Control Circumstances:

eNet may not be able to comply with the provisions of the present agreement or to offer the service due to Out of Control Circumstances including but not limited to the following – act of God, delay or incompliance by others or natural disasters (such as weather, earthquakes, floods, fire) or intended disasters (turbulence, war, civil disturbances, revolutions, properties confiscation, embargo, strikes, electrical defect, governmental procedures or any other resolution made by the competent Court). In such cases, eNet shall not be held liable for not providing the Customer with the service though eNet will do everything possible to provide the Customers with the service as fast as possible.

13. Applicable Law:

Using eNet services shall be subject to the laws enforced in the State of Kuwait. Any conflict which may arise in relation hereto shall be referred to the competent Kuwaiti Courts.

14. Preferred Copy:

In the event a contradiction was detected between the Arabic copy and English copy of the present terms, the Arabic copy shall be prioritized over the English copy.

15. Acknowledgment:

The Customer acknowledges hereby that he read and understood all the aforementioned articles.)
For further information and inquiries, kindly contact the Customer Service Center on (+965) 22474620/1/2/3 or submit a written inquiry through using our Contact Us form.