Automated Services Network Co. (eNet) is the first and largest electronic payment network serving consumers and businesses through various channels and thousands of service points all over Kuwait.

eNet is Kuwait's largest dedicated payment solution specialist, providing revenue collection system and consolidating payments for public and private sector organizations making payments easier for everyone.

Automated Services Network Company (eNet) established in 2005 as a Kuwaiti shareholding company with a capital of $ 4.5 million to be the first company specializing in electronic payment in Kuwait, providing revenue collection systems for public and private sector.

eNet utilizes state-of-the-art communication technologies like Fiber optics and High availability Infrastructure, linked to Banks, KNET (Kuwait Debit Cards Network) and businesses, through a private secured network.

eNet is serving business owners and individuals, saving effort, time and money for both. eNet provides solutions for paying bills and revenue collection; enabling individuals to settle their payments using easy-to-use technology through utilizing eNet’s multiple channels, among them eNet portal, websites, POS, kiosk, smartphone applications (iPhone - Android) and other various channels...

eNet uses optical communication technology in its infrastructure with advanced security systems to ensure secured network.

Innovative Solutions

eNet has pioneered in introducing innovative payment solutions catering various business sectors in Kuwait like Telecom, Real Estate, Finance, Entertainment, Education, Medical, etc. and has partnered with industry leaders in all these sectors.

Our solutions are aligned to the business of various industries and we keep evolving according to industry requirements.

We provide solutions to fit your needs according to your business model.

Largest customer base in Kuwait

Over the last 10 years, eNet has earned the trust of around 300,000+ users in Kuwait across various channels. Our mobile application alone has 200,000+ users, generating more than 24 million transactions per year.

eNet has also extended its services to expatriates in Kuwait by integrating with major payment solution companies in other countries like Egypt and Philippines.


eNet’s payment channels are available 24/7 across various channels to ensure we bring the payment solutions to our customers anytime, anywhere.

Integrated Solutions

Our platform is all set to be integrated with your website in just 24 hours.

If your website is ready - we have the integrated solution for you. And if you don’t have a website, you can still accept payments online using eNet Channels.

eNet in brief:

- The first company specialized in electronic payment in Kuwait

- Over 14 years of experience in the field of payment solutions

- Multiple payment methods to suit all customers

- Service provider for local banks through online banking services

- More than 6,000 point of sale & Kiosk spread all over Kuwait

- More than 180 varied payment services through its channels

- Exclusive services for schools, charitable societies and more..

- The only company approved in Kuwait to provide MNB service

- eNet has a dedicated highly professional experts in payment solutions