According to contractual relationship with Kuwait Charitable Societies, and to develop systems for distributing monthly aid to needy families within Kuwait, and to save effort and time for charitable in purchasing the basic needs of those families from purchasing materials, managing stock and distribution effort, and all this requires high costs to deliver This aid is for those who deserve it. CASHLESS payment cards have been introduced, which is the service of issuing smart cards for each person registered with the charitable organization, enabling him to use it to purchase his needs from the different markets of Kuwait.

The cards will be managed by eNet with the charity from issuing the card to its filling and issuance of account statements and daily, monthly, and annual reports of card movement. The company will be responsible for managing the cards project, as it will provide the following to you:

  • Issuing, printing and Reload cards for target markets.
  • Providing you payment devices in your branches to be used in receiving payments (one device in each branch at least)
  • Provide the Merchants & Charities a real-time reporting system for all transactions with daily settlements.
  • Transfer the amounts of sales to Merchant bank account daily.
  • Customer Service and Technical Support

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