Our Mission

  • eNet is dedicated to providing anywhre 24/7 payment services
  • Saving time, cost and effort saving
  • Provide 24/7 payment services
  • Minimize infrastructure investment
  • Provide business owners with more collection outlets without the investment in infrastructure
  • Ensure maximum security for transactions through connection to banks and KNET
  • Provide customizable solutions to meet the requirements of business owners from all sectors
  • Provide various Payment Channels – eNet Online Services, Online Banking, e-Government Online Service, Kiosk, Terminal & POS, Apps (Smart Phones)
  • Provide customizable solutions to meet the requirements of all business sectors.

Our Vision

  • To contribute to the nation’s economic growth by providing state of the art and highly sophisticated payment solutions to the local community and GCC.
  • To achieve its strategic goals; eNet focuses on service quality and availability, along with customer satisfaction.
  • To adhere to very strict regulations to contribute in mitigating the risk of fraud that eNet considers as its obligation.