Zakat house to use E-Net electronic services

Zakat HouseE-net and Zakat House has signed an agreement to introduce Zakat services to the public using self serviced Kiosks, "Automated Donations". Initially Zakat house has placed a tender that was later awarded to E-Net. The service will be deployed first week of July on all E-Net Kiosks as planned in the contract.

The new service will allow public to donate any amounts using Cash, Knet or Credit Cards any time using E-Net Kiosks and pay points distributed in more than 93 locations in Kuwait. The donations can also be directed against any of the Zakat categories and some services will be available only during the time of the year it should be paid according to the Islamic Shariea such as Fitir Zakat. The Automated Donation concept is introduced to make it easy for public to fulfill their religiouse commitments on time and on their convenience. It will also minimize the cash transportation and reduce costs.