Our Mission

  • eNet is dedicated to providing 24/7 payment services to the community at large "Anytime Anywhere"
  • Provide Merchants with more collection outlets without the investment in infrastructure
  • Ensure maximum security for transactions through connection to Banks and KNet
  • Increase merchant's "Visibility" through over 1500 points of service across the country
  • Provide various Payment Channels – eNet Online Service, Online Banking Service, e-Government Online Service, Kiosk, Terminal, POS, Apps (Smartphones)
  • Cost and effort saving
  • Provide customizable solutions to meet the requirements of merchants from all business sectors.

Our Values

  • Anti Fraud Protection
    eNet has a built-in fraud protection system which includes our in-house fraud protection layer as well as the 3-D Secure layer. This two-layered system ensures that all your transactions are highly secure and hassle free.
  • 24 Hours Integration
    Yes! Your system will be fully integrated with eNet and you can start receiving payments, securely, surely, smoothly within 2 Days.
  • Quick deposit of funds
    To keep up with your suppliers and customers, we transfer your deposit to your account in as quick as two-business days. We want you to trust us with your money.
  • Multiple Platforms
    Our platform has the capability to support multiple platforms, hence a payment gateway is provided to every customer according to the needs.
  • Customer Service
    You can always contact us via Chat, E-mail or by phone. We are always happy to receive your feedback and will apply it to evolve into a more customer-friendly environment.
  • Friendly
    eNet is your solution for receiving online payments even if you don't have a Website. Imagine the possibilities!