Automated Services Network Co. (eNet) declares that any information listed in this application, and any other information provided by you, will be treated in a confidential and secure manner, and shall not be shared with any third parties, unless prior approval is obtained from you.

General Conditions

1 - The client registers in our account for one time only.

2 - Family program is only for those who have more than one number used on multi-service payment on the website.

3 - The account holder can use an unspecified quantity of numbers for his family or friends, even if those lines were not in his name.

4 - If you forget the password, the client can contact the company to help him.


1 - To ensure you get the points you must use the multi-service program payments in the same account, which was registered the first time, otherwise the client will lose the opportunity to add points to his credit.

2 - The client gets one point for every 1 KD that will be paid.

3 - Will not be charged any points for the process and payment of less than 1KD.

4 - The customer must collect at least 500 points to be able to replace cash.

5 – Points not necessarily correspond to the monetary value of total points and are equal to the prize in kind.

6 - To those who collected 5000 points and above is replaced by points in any of the free offers (sports clubs - salons - educational institutions and other ...)

7 - The process of replacing the points with gifts is made in the main office only.

8 - Offers will be announced at the time and from time to time by e-mail or advertisement in newspapers or contact the customer directly.

9 - Family Program is a special program and is registered to Automated Network Services Co. For more information, please visit the website of the company to learn more of our services or contact the Customer Service Centre on 22464720 or visit the nearest service center which are available in all over Kuwait.

Cash rewards

The client can at any time switch points amounts of cash, amounting to half a per cent of the total points to be not less than the total points for 5000 points.


- Discount coupons on the most luxurious restaurants which will be announced from time to time.

- Special discounts on entertainment (Aquapark - water village - Science Center - Fun City ... etc)

- Discounts on hair salons for men and women.

- Discounts for sports clubs

- Discounts on training institutes.

- Prizes (Electronics - Mobile Phones - TV – DVD, etc.)